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Wine Bottle Lanterns

Outdoor tiki torches made from empty wine bottles and cedar lumber. The joinery is called a "half lap" and I used hardwood dowels instead of metal screws.

Installation Instructions

-For outdoor use only

-Place lantern out of the way of pedestrian traffic and away from combustibles such as wooden structures, fuels, clothing, fabrics and dry vegetation

-Never use gasoline or other flammable fuel with torch

-Keep out of reach of children

-Never leave a burning torch unattended. Adult supervision required.

-Use with extreme care

-Adjust wick so it is no more than 1/2 in above the flame guard.


Step 1: Using a large hammer, pound the wooden stake into the ground all the way down to the line (12 inches from the top of the stake). Make sure the holes are facing front.


Step 2: Line up the holes on the lantern with the holes in the wood stake. 


Step 3: Place a screw in each hole, making sure they all make it through both the wooden stake and the lantern.


Step 4: Place a flat washer on each screw once it's all the way through, then thread the nut and tighten to the point where the washer and the head of the screw start to sink into the wood. 


Step 5: Fill the bottle with tiki torch fuel making sure to follow all directions on the bottle. To save on fuel, you can partially fill the bottle with small rocks or beads.

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