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HI TRISH! Thanks again for this awesome opportunity. I've been working extremely hard! 'Stealing every chance to get into the shop and build up an exciting inventory for October. I think you'll be very pleased. Also, here are the items you asked me to deliver before August 15th. 

1. Pic for the promotional postcards:

3. Short Bio:

Shawn Wilkinson of Great Planes Woodshop is a native Kansas Citian with a completely impractical woodworking obsession. Shawn's mostly self taught with some formal training, Furniture-making courses at the Kansas City Art Institute. Shawn spends weekdays working in a highly techy Information Systems position at The Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics. His loving and supportive family includes wife Samaneh, Daughter Laila June (6), and Son Kian (6 mo). 


Some principles of Shawn’s work:

-         Power tools for rough cuts then hand tools for precision work

-         Joinery should be exposed whenever possible

-         Avoid standard manufacturing thicknesses such as ¾ inch.

-         When in doubt use the golden ratio to help give pieces the right, nice looking, proportions

-         Make absolutely certain grain patterns flow in the most interesting ways 

4. Five HighRes Promotional Pics: Do any of these catch your attention?

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